Best Drinks That You Can Order At A Bar

Best Drinks That You Can Order At A Bar 675x360 - Best Drinks That You Can Order At A Bar

Do you sometimes panic when you go to the bar and want to order a drink? You need to be a bit knowledgeable about drinks to give the right order. Here are some of the best drinks you can order at a bar in Canterbury.


This is an awesome drink and is made of rum, syrup, and fresh lime juice. It is a very simple and refreshing drink. You will find this drink in almost every bar in Canterbury.


It is a cocktail made of Italian aperitivo, sparkling water, and sparkling wine. You can now get different variations of this drink. Kishu Spritz, for example, is made of gin, lemon, aperitivo, and plum wine.


It’s often called ‘cosmo’ and is a popular drink at bars in Canterbury. It is made of tripel sec (an orange-coloured liqueur), cranberry juice, vodka, and lime juice. If you are a beginner, this drink is not for you as it’s a bit strong.

French 75

It is a delicious drink made of lemon, gin, simple syrup, and champagne. If you are in the mood to celebrate, then you should order this drink. The taste is unique, and you will have a great time having it.

Old Fashioned

If you have only started drinking, then you should order this classic drink. It is made of rye whiskey, a mix of herbs, spices, and sugar. It won’t get into your head, and you will feel good.


It is a popular summer drink. Its recipe includes simple syrup, club soda, rum, lime juice, mint, and fruits like mango, pineapple, cucumber, or strawberry. These fruits add a tropical vibe to the drinks.

These drinks are very common and popular at bars in Canterbury. You will have a wonderful time having them along with your friends or colleagues after work.

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